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Our Objective



(1)   The primeobjective of this institution is to provide quality formal education    

 particularly to students belong to underprivileged groups  at the undergraduatelevel.

(2)  The college aims at developing mental andphysical capabilities of young men and women by disseminating  proper knowledgebased on high moral value. Through various activities of NCC, NSS, sports,culture etc. we aim at boosting leadership qualities, personality traits, civicsense and accountability to the community, the society and the nation at large. 

(3)  To mould student minds towards career building,creating awareness against social evils by developing scientific outlook,developing sense of fellow-feeling and secularism among the students.


           In order toachieve these objectives, the college puts special emphasis on discipline,regularity, punctuality, sincerity, dedication and such other qualities ascharacter, culture and responsibility to the self and the nation.