UMK college

General Rules & Regulation

  • The college authority is taking continuous steps for maintaining discipline and healthy academic atmosphere in the college campus, students must abide by the rules of discipline, maintain decency in dress and behavior, and students shall also maintain perfect silence in the class room. They must not disturb teaching atmosphere by loitering in the corridors.

  • Taking intoxicating drugs, smoking, frolicking, carrying weapons in and around the college campus are strictly prohibited. The college campus is declared as Tobacco Free Zone.

  • Students shall also take care of college property, furniture apparatus etc. they shall also help the college authority in preserving cleanliness at campus.

  • Violation of any of the rules of discipline, irregular attendance in class, damage of college property, disorderly behavior to any member of the college staff as well as follow students in any form will be seriously viewed and may even invite disciplinary action.

  • Students shall keep their bicycles, bikes and scooters in the parking shed provided for the purpose. No vehicle is allowed to keep in or around the college campus.

  • Use of mobile phone strictly prohibited in the campus during working hours.

Anti ragging measures

          Ragging in all its forms are unlawful acts so ragging is strictly prohibited by the law of the land and other statutory bodies. In strict compliance with the Rules and Regulation for curbing the menace of Ragging the College has banned Ragging in all its forms. So a student seeking admission in the College shall have to submit the undertaking in Annexure-II (Parts I & II) along with the prescribed Application Form (Annexure-I) for admission. Senior students reading in higher classes also have to submit these undertaking at the time of Re-Admission.

          There is an “Anti-Ragging Committee’ (ARC) in the College headed by the Principal. It consists of representatives of faculty members, parents, students belonging to fresher’s category as well as seniors and non-teaching staff.

          There is also an “Anti-Ragging Squad” nominated by the Principal as required from time to time to deal with the menace of ragging. The squad shall have vigil, oversight and patrolling functions. It shall keep mobile alert and active all the time and shall be empowered to inspect places of Ragging. The squad shall investigate incidents of ragging and make recommendations to the “Anti-Ragging Committee and shall work for the overall guidance of the said committee.

College Uniform

The College has approved UNIFORM for its students as follows :

NB: No student is allowed to enter the College without dressing UNIFORM.

Working hours & academic session

The College imparts instruction in "DAY SHIFT" only. The classes are held from 9.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M. An Academic Session starts in June and ends in May subject to change from time to time as per University and AHESE Council guide-lines. One month Summer Vacation and Semester Break for teaching staff fall in July and December respectively.

Ujani Majuli Kherkatia College,Majuli,785105